Hi All,

So I've nearly gotten my swank new darkroom set up, and everything is going smoothly save for one hitch...every time I plug in my Super Chromega D Dichroic II enlarger it trips the ground switch on the socket. I've tried running it through the standard power supply via multiple different timers, and through the Chromegatrol timer/power supply.

My line is from a 15-amp circuit and I'm running 110V. From what I've read and can tell, the power supply and the Chromegatrol should be able to run on this. There is a "tap" line in the Standard power supply that I can change to 100V, 110V and 117V. I've tried them all and nothing seems to work.

I've tested the socket and the power supply with a Voltage/Ohm meter and they seem to be in perfect working order. It's only when I plug in the enlarger that I lose power.

Sooo...does anyone know where I should start with the enlarger? Is there a connection or piece of wiring that goes bad, typically, in these Omegas?

I'm not an electrician, and I've never taken apart an enlarger, but I may have the assistance of a friend who is more technically-inclined...

Any help would be much appreciated...