This is not common to the Omega Dichro II power supply or the Chromegatrol.

About your comment,

“…every time I plug in my Super Chromega D Dichroic II enlarger it trips the ground switch on the socket.”

I presume that you mean that the circuit breaker in you building opens.

If so, there’s obviously a short circuit when the power supply is connected to the outlet, or as others have pointed out, a ground defect if you circuit is equipped with a GFI.

The Omega D Dichro II power supply or the Chromegatrol (power supply + voltage stabilizer + timer) both contain a 120v to 22.5v step-down transformer for the lamp circuit.

Make sure that the cord and plug don’t have any cuts that could short the conducting wire. I presume that you’ve already satisfied yourself that the outlet is not the cause.

If it shorts with both the standard power supply and the Chromegatrol, then they’re unliky to be the source of the short. The short is likely somewhere from the 6-blade connector that plugs into the back of the power supply or Chromegatrol on the end of the cable bundle to the head, inside the cable bundle (unlikely unless the bundle is kinked or cut), or somewhere inside the head.

The fan and the panel illuminator lamp operate on 120v. That circuit seems the most likely candidate for the short circuit.