Hi, So I've just bought a Durst 609. I'm very new to darkroom photography so I'm still learning the terms.

But.... I'm struggling with the focus.

I've got an 80mm lens in the enlarger, and the only way I can get a nicely focused image of the white eisel thing is if the enlarger head is relatively close to the base of the enlarger, giving me an image approximately 6 inches x 6 inches. If I move the enlarger head up to get a bigger enlargement, the focus knob fails to focus properly.

It's frustrating as I was hoping to get started enlarging straight away, but due to this problem I'm restricting my potential enlargement size. Quite frustrating.

Does anyone know what could cause this?

Mechanically everything appears to be working well. The focus knob moved the lens up and down. The enlarger head knob moves up and down.

I'm puzzled.

I'd really appreciate any thoughts or ideas as to the source of the problem.

Thanks in advance!