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Good Day All,
I have the opportunity to pick up an "almost new" Yashica T4,weatherproofed,point + shoot for $50.00 CDN. Sounds like a great deal but there is a problem.One of the door "clips" has broken off and the camera would have to be taped shut.
Cosmetics have never really mattered to me.I,ve unbent lens rings so they can accept filters and use a Yashica K1000 with a huge ding on its right corner.My only criteria is that the item MUST work.The lens,a Nikkor 105 macro is bang on($20.00 deal) and the K1000 was a freebie.
Any thoughts about the T4?
The price is ok, but if the camera is leaking light even when taped, then it is not worth it at all.