I was reading around on the 'net and I came across this page at butkus.org which contains the instruction manual for a vintage Kodak Autographic:

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"Cinch Marks"

If the film and paper loosen up a trifle when taken from the camera, many amateurs are likely to take the cartridge in the hand and wind it as closely as possible, "cinching" it tightly with a twisting motion. There's nothing more likely to injure the negative than this tight drawing of the film as it abrades the surface, making fine parallel scratches running lengthwise of the film, which in some cases, will ruin the negative. Do not "cinch" the cartridge. It simply needs to be wound tightly enough so that the red paper keeps inside the flanges.
I'm not saying that you did or did not do anything. Just pointing out that this effect has been known for a long time. If it can happen to a roll of film in 1914 it can happen to a roll of film in 2011.