Hi -

I'm planing a rather exended trip - about two months.

I'll be bringing several cameras which include 35mm to medium format to 4x5's.

I have my 35mm in cases - this was easy.

My Medium format as well as my 4x5's are in waterproof soft cases.
I carring a graphic crown and a Omega 45d.

All my cameras are my concern but my MF and especially my 4x5's are my biggest consern on how to protect them from the elements.

Heat - dew - moisture etc. Rain.
having them in the bag is one thing but taking them out in wet weather - or foggy - dewy weather and putting them back after being expoesed to the elements conserns me.
No hotels - no A/C for a couple months so i need all the help i can get - one area i am going to - from what i understand pretty much stays wet all day - all night and it rains forever...

Need some help from those that have been on long excursions with gear - how do i protect it - and keep my packs kinda light - i thought of dryer packs but they burn out and in really damp humid enviroments will burn out quickly...

As well - any good DIY covers for my cameras - especially my 4x5 for these damp situations - anybody have any suggestoins? that work and are fool proof?

Thanx guys as this my first time doing this with my gear - I love my gear - worked hard for my gear and don't want it ruined. But i want to use it too.

After all, that"s why i got it.