Thanks for the David Doubley link... I've been to that website but didn't realize the quantity of excellent data there.

On the topic of sensitizer.. I'm not much of a chemist, but a chemist friend referred to the UltraStable sensitizer as Diazidostilbene Sulfonate. Is this just another word for the same stuff, or what exactly?

Perhaps a better method would be too look for a source for the raw chemical. I wonder if there are any DIY screen-printers or print-shops out there that make their own from scratch? IDK... but it's worth a shot.

If I wasn't swimming in projects to do, I'd dive in this with you guys. Has anyone checked out "Kosar, Light Sensitive Systems, Wiley, 1965" yet? Perhaps I'll sojurn to la biblioteca...

Ohh, also, I'd recommend that someone email Greg W. (dye-transfer OP) about this. He's a nice guy and would love to know that people are interested in this, I suspect.