So far I have received 9 cards! This is my first postcard exchange, and I am disappointed every day there is no card in the mail box...

The first one to arrive was piu98's kayak photo, which reminds me that I have to do more canoeing this season.

The next one is an incredibly funny card from Jim Rollinger, of himself, his cat and his camera.

The third one is from Kris Haggblom, the first and so far only colour photograph. A beach which looks very cold and windy for some reason. Perhaps because of the cross processing.

Mike Wilde sent an envelope containing three photos. I especially like the one printed on Ansco Indiatone paper. The scene suits the fogged paper very well.

Then came the "Yard Office" from Roger R. Thoms, an interesting photograph and very well printed too.

C.W. sent a card titled "Quansit in snow". I had too look up "Quansit". Interesting. An enjoyable image of repeating circular shapes, textures and the black against the white.

From Dave Martiny an image of something which looks like a lot of pipes. A very dynamic photo.

Rüdiger has sent a lovely photograph titled "Sunday morning news." A quiet and well printed image which I like a lot.

The last one to arrive, so far, is from Craig Cross, and is of moving water. Contact printed from a paper negative, something which I haven't tried for many years, which I should perhaps try again.