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jthe robusto coffee that i used for my developer is the ugly cousin
of arabica coffee ... it is not liked by connoisseurs .. it is not shade grown &C ...
i wonder if it is grown in the same way that the more expensive "connoisseur-coffee" is grown,
in the plantations you mention...
You are right about robusto coffee. The only thing going for it is that it has twice the caffeine as the arabica. A friend of mine used to say that coffee doesn't have to taste good, it just has to work.

Since the useful life of a coffee tree is around seven years, the practice was just to move on to another portion of the forest and plant anew. Thankfully, the growers have become a bit more responsible.

Have you ever considered the Beutler developer. The working developer is highly dilute so that it has little effect on the environment. It uses just three ingredients; metol, sodium sulfite, and sodium carbonate. I used it for years as my general purpose film developer when I was a struggling student with little money.

When used for prints does a coffee developer cause any staining with FB papers? This is something I've wondered about.