thanks for the buetler suggestion jerry --- it sounds like d23 but soda instead of borax ...

the java seems to do me well, i mix 1.5L of it and it lasts more than 4 months
and over a hundred prints & 4x5 sheets ... ( can't complain ) .. it was still going strong
and i got nervous and split it and added another 750cc to some seasoned developer and it lasted another 3+ months.
i haven't noticed any staining when i use it with paper. it takes about 2x the time for the print to complete
and paper negatives like it as well...

the sumatra i am using doesn't taste too bad. it has a nice full body and floral notes
i take a slurp once in a while if i am brewing some for the darkroom
( i roast it cinnamon ( barely ) and because it is old and some beans have
a higher moisture content than the others some beans are a little darker. )