The condition of the woman is known as hysteria, and is a very well known one, since millennia. And it generally is the result of lack of sex, in this case, lack of sex with a (former mate) photographer. Hence the hate and will to pick a fight with any photographer. You don't need being polite in this case.

Unless Canada is different from any other place on the world, in Canada just like in any other place every building is copyrighted (you cannot copy, in the sense "make a copy", an identical building, without the consent of the architect), and every building is photographable from the public road.
It is important to educate photographers about this. In stock photography fora there's a lot of bullstuff going around saying that the Eiffel tower at night is copyrighted, the Sidney Opera House is copyrighted so cannot be taken pictures of, etc. It's all just plain nonsense.

The case of the Eiffel tower is particularly ridiculous. Those guys actually try to ask money for use of pictures taken at night. They have a web site for this, so that you can pay even, and you can ask questions. I asked twice to produce any norm which allows them to charge, stating that I did take pictures of the Eiffel tower at night, I did sell them, and I will go on selling them. I had no answer both times.

I also referred this in another forum, and told people to do like me, and see if they receive an answer, but it seems that nobody did it. They are the same people who say that the Eiffel tower is not photographable because it is "copyrighted". People seem to need bullstuff to live.