The smallest chemistry volume listed is for 500ml for 2 films per run, the first run 6'15" then increasing time for another two runs before discarding the chemicals.

Hence, If extrapolation is valid I should, be able to use 62.5 (or in my case 75ml per sheet) and reuse that chemistry 3 times with increasing time. That'll give me 40 sheets per litre in stead of 13 if I use one shot. I guess oxidization during aggitation could be a problem when using these small volumes.

Times are also listed for using 6 rolls in 500ml of chemistry (one shot) hence 20.83ml should be sufficient chemistry per sheet if used one shot. Thus I should based on this be able to 26 sheets on 1 litre.

The first developer, and bleach fixer says "part preparation possible", the color developer and stabilizing baths does not.

Which of these are most prone to oxidization and aging?