Ok i have to chime in. Great that you are coming to mexico. I am sure you'll have a great time.

Mexico is without a doubt a poor country. But compaing to Cambodia is far fetched. I live in Mexico, lived in puebla as well.

Ok, enough with that. I think that the ny times is a good resource. You should try to get to the pyramids near Mexico city.

In Puebla you should also try to spend some time in cholula. Great place, many contrast, pyramid, religion, etc.

Now, my favorite almost secret place close to cholula is tonananzintla. It has one of the most unique and beautiful interiors, a prime example of Mexican barroque.

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Folks -

I'm headed to Mexico in September. Never been before, but natually will be packing a few cameras (and more than a few rolls of film).

Our plan is to start in Mexico City but spend most of the time in the central highlands area, specifically Puebla, Taxco and Cuetzalan among a few others.

Any hints to offer, places to see, benefits of wisdom gained? many thanks!