Ron, I understand your concern. I just posted a 15% Off coupon in the sponsor coupon section that you can use for the samples and then use again for a metal frame order (if you order the samples asap)

Just so you know I do not believe in hiding profit in shipping and we do not. We pay Fedex more for shipping than our website charges which means that in addition to that loss, our boxes, packing material and all shipping labor is even more loss. If you have ever seen our packing you will know that we spend a significant amount of time preparing our shipments.

In the case of our samples…even at full price we lost money on those as well. I prefer that people buy them since it is difficult to know for sure if a picture frame will be right based on website photos. Although we take returns, that is just a loose loose situation for us (we scrap most returns) and our customer (return shipping charges) that I prefer to avoid.


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If anyone is planning on placing an order for the frame samples,
or you like to be part of a group purchase, please let me know.
I am interested in a set of the samples. But, the Scottish blood
flowing through my veins won't allow me to pay $8.15 for the
standard shipping charge ...