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I have been very satisfied with a) Liquid Dektol (actually Kodak Polymax) and b) Ilford PQ universal (but I would not use it for film). For cold tones I would also recommend Tetenal Dokumol.
D72/Dektol was designed first and foremost to be a film developer for plates sheet films, later it was used for papers as well. For some years it wasn't recommended in the UK for papers where D163 was in use instead.

PQ Universal is an excellent film developer giving good fine grain, sharpness and tonality, ideally it needs dilutiong 1+19 or even 1+29. The disadvantage like D72/Dektol) is because of it's carbonate content it doesn't keep as well and does lose activity, not enough to be a problem with prints but in a more dilute negative developer it may cause issues of under development.

PQ Universal is still recommended for Ilford's Ortho Plus, but Ilford used to publish times for all their films and when I had a commercial darkroom we use it for a lot of negative processing. M&B's (now Champion) equivalent Suprol was widely used at one time for commercail negative processing.