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Ian-- I share your love for roller blind shutters, but they're severely limited in comparison to modern leaf shutters and there's a big price difference between barreled and (leaf) shuttered lenses. Throwing in a good condition roller blind shutter might add another $50-80 to a lens sale. There's a stronger demand for barrel lenses that cover 8x10 and larger formats and soft focus lenses, but a short Heliar in a barrel is more difficult to use--and the value reflects that.
I was really thinking of this particular Camera/Lens combination. If fact with both my British plate cameras I have brass lenses and TP shutters and also early Compur shuttered lenses, a 1913 165mm CZJ Tessar on a hlaf plate camera.

I suspect the issue with this particular Tailboard camera will be the film/plate holders. I've made a conversion plate for my Half plate camer that allows a modern 5x4 DDS to be used and a similar adaptor to fit a 6x7 Roll film back to my Quarter palte camera (both Houghton's). One advantage of these older cameras is the register is quite deep compared to modern holders, so it's relatively easy.