Thank you so much for your contributions to this thread, David.

A couple of random points:

1) The middle one is the one you transferred to the back of RC paper?

2) Even at 20 mins, it seems like it could use a little more exposure.

3) Do you have an MSDS for the sensitizer? The Kiwo documentation describes this as "Diazo Sensitizer #14", but I can't find any MSDS for this. It would be nice to know what the actual chemical is. I suspect it is likely this one: 4-DIAZODIPHENYLAMINE/FORMALDEHYDE CONDENSATE HYDROGEN SULFATE (CAS# 41432-19-3) since that is what is in Kiwo sensitizer #1-#11.

4) Can you post the 2ml/50ml wedges as well, for comparison?