A friend of mine does long exposures at night. Food trucks, etc...

He was really in love with the 160NC from Kodak, but since its been replaced with the Portra 160. He has shot a box or two to compare it with his 160NC(which he bought a case or two, yes, cases(50sht boxes to boot), he's a little more "flush" than I ). So far, he doesn't like the new stuff(Portra 160). For him, it goes cyan after about 30s or so, enough that it makes "proper" color correction very difficult, in both optical printing AND drum scanning.

Fuji has the 160NS(same as 160S) which handles mixed-lighting situations VERY well IMO, and its available as a special-order from Japan. Possibly someone down-unda is able to order some, maybe as a group-type purchase?