I think 130 is expensive the way Pyrocat is expensive - it only seems like it until you realize exactly how many prints you get out of a batch. A set of Pyrocat HD 500ml bottles is about $20 from Bostick & Sullivan, which sounds expensive compared to say D-76, but don't forget that you use it at extremely small dilutions - 1:1:100 is my normal mix. With 130, you mix a quart of working stock, dilute it 1:3 which makes a gallon, and as I said before, you can get several dozen 8x10 prints and a bunch of 16x20s out of a single mix, and it won't go bad on you no matter how slow you are in using it. The stuff can oxidize until it is black as tar, but it will still work. Think about how many batches of Dektol you'd have to mix in order to make the same number of prints in the same period of time. You'd have to make 3-4 times as much Dektol, at which point the money would be a net wash, and you'd still have to tone your prints to get rid of the Dektol green tone from the bromides.