I have several of the B1600 flash units and having the ability to use them indoor and outdoor without always running at full power has contributed to their 5 year+ life. Always buy over the power level you will need.

My favorite shoot with them was at a wedding, a pair of them in the choir loft at 80% power and a remote trigger. Groups up to 30 family members ASA 160 @ f9 was a "dependable" joy. While the ceremony was going I just turned off the transmitter. When the bride and groom walked out, I had practiced the iris changes as the A. B. Just kept firing as they walked out.

The group shots were a dream afterwards too. My assistant placed our other two heads outside at a pond and a wishing well, so I just moved to the next location, as the helper set up the next site with the other pairs.

Even pre lighting the dance floor with the bees was good. Two with gels and two were white light. The Bees are hard to beat and survive my drop prone hands too.