Bugger. I currently have a lot of new Portra and Ektar, so I guess I'll be using my Provia for the night exposures for a while. I've tried 160NC and really don't like the look; VC was OK. At least I'll get to soup my night-tests on P160 before I leave to see if I have the cyan issue with the 15-60s exposures I used. I tested it 'as metered' and +1.

I've tried a few rolls of 160S and really liked the colour, at least for hybrid processing but I can't tell if my processing is bringing out punch and saturation that wouldn't be present on an RA4 print. I intend to shoot a whole bunch of film on holiday shortly and want to be able to make awesome optical prints when I get back, not just hybrid. For example, 160S vs Ektar, both with CPL - anyone want to tell me if what I'm getting is unrepresentative?

It's a pity that 160C is gone, I suspect I would've liked it. Maybe I'll like Reala.