I'm looking to buy a similar sized tailboard camera so have been watching prices, I also restore TP shutters.

My guess is the camera is worth 90-140 euro, that's the price tailboard cameras are selling for in the UK/Germany. Your's has been restored at some point judging by the finish.

The shutter's worth perhaps another 30 euro maybe 50 euro because it's larger than most TP shutters and so less common, that's if sold separately.

The lens is the reasonably desirable but it is 1935'ish and an uncoated barrel version. Prices fluctuate a lot with Heliars so I'd partially agree that it might sell for up to $300 as Brian suggests but I'd be more inclined to put it's value at 120-160 euro.

Those values are as separate items and based on what I've seen selling (and bid on) recently, as a whole package it could be bought for a little less.

Just to give you a fair comparison look at Lionel Hughes prices for quite good plate cameras.

Larger tailboard cameras are less common and quite sort after for Wet plate work, so can fetch significantly higher prices.