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Exactly and to bring it back to buildings, for e.g., you are free to photograph every McDonalds restaurant exterior you wish. But you can't sell a coffee table book called "My Tour Across America Documenting McDonalds' Restaurants". The logo and brand name are trademarked and therefore you would need consent from McDonalds. I think it gets more complex when logo's and/or trademarks become centerstage as opposed to say a cityscape with a golden arch way in the background and the intent if the book is to document skylines or something benign.
Well, now that I know what a coffee table is, I'd like some clarification about this post. Do you have memory of such a book being challenged in court by McDonald's, or is it just an hypothesis of yours?

To me it is very clear that you can call your book "My Tour Across America Documenting McDonald's Restaurants", but you cannot call it "My Tour Across America Documenting McDonald's Restaurants" using the McDonald's logo instead of the normal lettering.