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I deem very likely Cheung's publisher obtained permission to use the logo in the title. Somewhere in the little print is should also be said that the Bronica logo, the star etc. are trademarks of Zenza Bronica. I don't know how "similar" is the logo to the elements used in the book maybe they didn't use exactly the logo and, considering the kind of book, entirely devoted to a Zenza Bronica model, this is acceptable.

Use of the logo can always imply some form of sponsoring or endorsement by the logo owner. If the logo owner had not been happy with the book, he could not have complained about the book itself, but could certainly have complained about the use of the logo.

EDIT: just to make an example, if I am a mechanic, and I feel I am very good with FIAT cars, I cannot just put the FIAT logo outside of my shop to mean that I am ready to deal with those cars. I can put it only if I am an "authorized" mechanic (authorized to claim this particular status, authorized to sport the logo).

On the other hand, use of logos is allowed for strictly editorial purposes, so Cheung, thinking about it, might not have needed any permission. Think about the logos you find on Wikipedia...
I looked at the front cover, back cover, title page, all the small print, the introduction and the index, and found nothing. The book was printed in England, but I would think it could not be sold anywhere it would violate copyright or trademark laws.