Good to see some life in the discussion of the Orwo films. I became interested in this film after coming across the Double X project web site 18 months ago.

Living in Australia and no longer having a cine B&W processor in the country (last one closed in 2009 as the operator was just plain tired of doing the work and his equipment was aging) I decided I need to take up this challenge as I shoot about 1800ft of 16 mm B&W cine film and freight to send to the US and risks of x-ray fogging was mounting. I tried a large lomo tank, but only able to do one 100ft roll at a time after cutting in the middle decided I need to have a machine or mechanical process to speed things up a little.

Not being to sure of which Owro film to go with I took the plunge and purchased UN54 in 400 ft length in both 16 and 35. It arrived only two days ago. These were the least expensive of all the products. 35mm was €81.65 and 16mm was €59.50. I have now shot 4rolls of 135 I will be processing these both as negative and reversal and I'll come back with the results as I get them. Today I am processing 35mm in d76, Xtol and caffenol. If I have time I will reversal process the film tonight.