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You should check all the book. The colophon can be anywhere, even in the very middle Even if Bronica was happy and gave explicit written permission to the editor, it would be quite abnormal that they didn't ask a note stating that the Zenza Bronica trademarks belong to Zenza-Bronica-Kogyu-Nasai-Masaruti-whatever. (not very good in Japanese I admit).

EDIT -Kogaku- somewhere could be added I think.
The colophon appears on the page facing the table of contents, and says nothing about Bronica trademarks or permission. I've read the book through, and have not seen anything.
BTW, I said the Bronica script with the star on the cover is similar.
I just looked at a manual for the EC-TL model, and it is identical to the script with star on the cover of that.