Lots of pix in newspapers, college and local, as well as some work for the local musician's union. Rear cover of my old college catalog. The catalog one was shot on 4x5 C-41 (Portra 400NC), the musician's union stuff on b/w film, and the newspaper stuff on digital. Most of the stuff I shoot for money (and I am not a full time professional shooter) is for weddings. Plenty of my stuff was published when I shot products and advertising shots daily for a local business for about two years, but that doesn't count because it was for advertising the business and selling things online. I no longer shoot for newspapers, though that was my main focus for several years. I'd like to get back into it in a dream world in which I am able to do it for a respectable publication or agency, but unless it it at that level, it is really a crappy job to tell you the truth. Little pay, and constant work in high-stress situations with the need to get it right, or else you're a screw up. I could handle that for a time, but I am too lazy and care too little now. So I shoot and assist for weddings and stock shoots. I have a few series of my own stuff that I plan on putting into books. That's about it.