10 magenta = 1/3 stop
30 magenta = full stop
You will rarely need cyan
O settings will be a grade two setting fyi.
Yellow is minimal change
I only used the Nuetral Density filter in rare occasions
You can only use two filters at a time, using three just adds nuetral density.
Yes do adjustment to crops as you say.
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I've been using my Durst Laborator 1200 with CLS 500 head for a few weeks now. So I have a few questions.

the numbers on the columms are for your reference to height, old days we would use them for magnification factor formulas when using a lot of negs in a day but for your purposes you can ignore those numbers.

When I change magenta, yellow or cyan, how much must I change the exposure time to get the same exposure as without filter? For example if I add 10 magenta.

When I add density filter, how much must I change exposure? For example if I add 10 density.

When composing the picture on the easel, what is the normal procedure? Adjust height, turning the handle next to the focusing arm and at last adjusting the focus?

All the numbers on the column, what do you use them for? taking notes on which height you use for a spesific print size with a spesific lens and negative size? Or can I find this info somwhere so I don't need to take notes?

So far the prints look OK after a lot of testprints, but knowing more about my questions will improve my workflow and results a lot.