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I'm almost done my darkroom and realize I'm a few items short of my perfect setup. I need 4 - 16x20 trays, 4 - 20x24 trays, 1-3 safelights (depending on type), a tray siphon for print washing and 1-2 sets of wooden tongs. Let me know what you have and a price with shipping to Canada (Ontario - L0E1E0).
I've got 2 Kindermann globe safelights (one standard and one kodalith), 1 Kodak 2-way safelight and I'm pretty sure I have a washing siphon. Kindermann lights I'm asking $5 each, Kodak safelight is also $5, tray siphon is $7.50. I'm guessing the post to Canada would be around $15-$20 for a medium sized box?