The OP should end up with an Positive, although possibly very wierd positive.
I do not think that the image will be a perfect BW positive, rather an interesting image.
The colour negative films all had different looks, all depending on exposure and development time. Once someone nailed their balance the formula was pretty predictable.
John Callow here on APUG has done as much cross processing of E6 film into negative as anyone on the planet. I am not sure how much of the neg to trans work he has done.
but hopefully he will chime in... report this post and he is sure to see it as he is one of the main cahoonas here on APUG.
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But won't you still have the orange mask to deal with?

I think the Ilford film was clear and designed to be a B&W negative. But my understanding, perhaps completely wrong, is that the Kodak film is designed to be printed on RA-4 paper, hence the base is not clear but has the orange.

Or will that beach out in the E-6 beach?

It should be obvious by now this isn't my strength! I'm looking for information.