Not a bad idea, and one that has been tossed around previously...would suggest reading those threads as well.

First off, I would get Sean's take on is his site. Next I would NOT use a voting system of work matter how well run, it still becomes a popularity contest.

There are a few art directors that are member here, seek them out and get their feedback. There are also, some that have published books - their feedback may surprise you.

Books are not selling that well right now - even short runs have trouble selling out. Reproduction quality can become a real issue with a book or magazine.

Maybe consider a Monograph - or even a Web based item first to determine interest.

I know of at least 2 sites that have done this - Alt photo and the Large Format , then visit LensWork and read/listen to some of Brooks thoughts on the what he says or not, he knows the current trends in the business.

Not trying to discourage, rather point out some of what is involved...and be prepared to have less time free time as this can become a consuming endeavor.

Most of all, good luck