My hybrid process is to run it through Fuji C41 soup and feed it to my Nikon 8000 / Vuescan. Results as linked above - looks plenty saturated punchy to me but that could well be due to the postprocessing.

Ektar on the other hand, I can't (yet) get good skin tones from it; it's not as bad as RVP50 but still pretty bad. Had no trouble with either of the new Portras or 160S - they all look quite accurate. I've seen people get OK skin tones from it, so I'm not sure what gives yet.

With respect to The Great Fuji Renaming, I suspect you have it backwards. NPS became 160S (which is definitely its current name), NPC became 160C, NPH became 400H, NPZ became 800Z, etc. B&H shows 160C as discontinued in 120; maybe you can get it elsewhere or in 135, I don't know.