I recently picked up some darkroom equipment off Craigslist and the gentleman gave me a couple plastic sacks full of film he had stored in the freezer. Among the loads of TMAX are 9 rolls of Ektachrome 64T that expired around 2002. I've shot plenty of expired B&W film, which I know gets grainy and loses some speed, but have never shot expired slide film.

I shot a roll of it over 4th of July, but it won't be back from the lab until right before I go on a trip during which I'd like to use some more of the film. Since its tungsten film I know I'll need some sort of filter to correct for shooting in daylight, but I was wondering if it was even worth it with film so old. Is there any chance it will render colors normally or should I have it cross processed to at least have a chance at some interesting results? As I said, the film had been stored in a freezer prior to me receiving it and its been in my freezer since I got it.

Anyone have advice or tips for shooting expired slide film?