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I think the original poster means the film Kodak BW400CN, it's a panchromatic black & white film, a "chromogenic" film as they call them, to be normally developed in C-41 process to give an unmasked negative. The OP wants to cross-process it in E-6 to obtain monochromatic slides.
"an unmasked negative"

That's my question. I think the Kodak product is not unmasked like the Ilford product.

I may be completely wrong, but my understanding is that the Kodak film gives a monochrome negative that is designed to print well to RA-4 color paper. While the Ilford product is designed to give a dye cloud based B&W negative for use with traditional monochrome paper.

Does anyone know for sure?

I hope the OP fills us in with the results, good or bad, so we'll know. The film might be pretty interesting to play with. It's almost always hanging in CVS when I buy my occasional overpriced TriX.