Hi all,

A few weeks ago my daughter was born 3 months premature. She was given very small odds for survival but is defying them all and going from strength to strength. She is still tiny (980g or just over 2 pounds) and she has another few months in her incubator at the hospital to get through, but she looks like she is going to make it.

Cards and presents have been pouring in from friends and relatives, and I have a plan to thank them. I've just started platinum printing and thought a small print of the little one in each card would go down well.

The problem is, what camera do I shoot on to get a good neg? I have discounted all of my cameras and need some new ideas...

Deardorff - neg too big.
Zone VI - can't use a tripod in the hospital.
Cambo 5x4 - camera too big.
Rollei - close focus no good.
Mamiya RZ - shutter too loud!
Bessa - close focus no good.

Any ideas? Hand holdable, quiet, small, good close focus / macro potential, large neg.

Maybe the simple answer is to send a print of the delighted mum and dad instead!