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Um... how about keeping it simple and use a 35mm something? Hobby side of photography aside, you'll be working in constrained environment. Small and quiet 35mm may be the best gear to use. If you don't have one, one can be purchased very inexpensively. Maybe a small and slim tripod will be permitted for a quick use? You'll be shooting through two layers of plexiglass anyway, so quality is compromised already.
I agree. At the print size you want I don't see 35mm compromising image quality appreciably. Fast lenses with DoF advantages work for you, too. A 50mm will focus to about one and a half feet, about 1:6 magnification. A "macro" zoom could give you needed flexibility, though with a smaller maximum aperture.

If you really want MF, then I can tell you my 6x4.5 Bronica ETRSi has low mirror slap noise, considerably less than the earlier ETR series cameras, and the older 100/4 macros, which go to 1:4, are not expensive and easy to find. Or an extension tube can be used with a longer lens. The 6x6 SQ series is another option, with the older 110 macros also going to 1:4.
The Pentax 645 is fairly quiet, particularly the mirror slap, though it does have the winder noise.

Congratulations and I'm so glad she'll going to make it. I'm sure she is a beautiful baby!
I second that!