sorra i did not realice while my last post that you are fraom australia.
here in europe it is no problem every homeimprovement market has them.

and we ahve 220 volt
i think australia has 110 volt ??

here is a link to the lamp on the austrian site (it has an other name but i think this is the right one)

write to philips australia maybe they can help you
i can not fint that lamp on tha australian site

or try other ones in red. i think the most red leds will work.

@mattC: i ilford efke rollei (foma) kentmere and all wors very well better the the paterson dukalamp (grays after w view seconds on the rollei papaer -> not so wit he leds)

the kentmere vc paper i tested for 20 to 30 minutes with no effects to the paper.