You'd be better off going with a late model AF camera in any number of brands that can be had for way under a $100 U.S. thru with a short warranty. An example would be a Canon T2 for $62, or any other model in various brands that can be had in the range of $40 to $100. You'll get a better screen, full screen readouts, higher synch, exposure compensation, sometimes incorporated flash, and higher shutter speeds. Just read the reviews and pick the public's favorite. Your expense tho will be finding a good lens for a low price or using an adapter for a lens. If anything make sure the body will meter with a chosen lens.
If your dead set on a mechanical body just makes sure the light seals are good and the meter works with modern batteries. You can still get some FD lenses cheap, such as the 28mm F2.8, 50mm F1.8 and 1.4, and some telephoto's. Canon FD will be one way to go to get reasonable priced lenses.