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Since the topic "flash and newborns" came up again - *SIGH!!! *

Flash does not hurt your baby unless you do something seriously wrong. No eye can adjust to flash - remember it discharges within a milli second! It doesn't make a difference whether you flash a new born or an adult. If flashes were a problem, all these P&S camera toting folks would have vision impaired kids by now (most of them don't know how to turn off their in camera flash).

I second the 35mm camera suggestion. You want this shooting to be done quickly and without interfering with the work of the hospital staff. Autofocus, TTL flash and a versatile camera are your best bet. Once the baby is back home you have all the time in the world to make all the 20x25" negatives if you ever wanted.
This is not true. The new borne's eyes cannot handle the flash. My son-in-law discovered that when he used his p&s digital camera. His new borne son immediately screamed in pain. The doctors in the room explained to him why he should not use flash on a new born.

Furthermore, while I was doing bioengineering, the topic came up and the doctors we worked with stated that new bornes and very young babies cannot handle either flash or strobes.

I can go on with other occasions when this has come up with optical surgeons, peditricians, ... and the medical research that I have read on the subject which was tangently related to the work I was doing, but unless you can point to an vetted, accepted article in a well respected medical journal that states otherwise, you do not have a leg to stand on.