People are always asking about solutions for keeping chemicals and how to get the most life out of their processing solutions.

From cheap wine bags to marbles in your bottles to canned air to nitrogen to juice containers... the list goes on. The wisest and simplest advice is to move your solutions into progressively smaller bottles and always fill them to the top.

It occured to me that I have a steady stream of lab grade brown amber bottles always cycling through my home... BEER.

Now, it's not that steady of a stream, I don't want anybody to worry about me afterall...

But after a weekend like this last one, which saw many a good friend come over to imbibe and make merry, I probably put a life time supply of chem-bottles in the recycling bin.

The key is to get the labels off, and this is most easily accomplished by soaking them in hot soapy water and later scraping it with a butter knife, followed up by a scotch-brite pad.

There's a wide variety of brown bottles in your liquor store and in all different sizes. If you're adventurous, you can pick your beverages based on the bottles they come in; so it's a win-win for the adventurous and the utility-minded. Alternatively, for you tee-totallers out there, the same logic can be applied to your grocery store.

My question is: What's a recommended source for corks?

Also, what are your favorite "craft" beers?