As far as the selection process goes, it will be hands off. I do not feel that I am qualified enough to make those types of judgments. I have a few ideas at this point but one was to gather a collection and take them to the College of Art here in Memphis and have them judged by a panel. I will have to approach the administrator about this and get her take on it. Another item I would like to put out there, I have been receiving a lot of offers to assist in this and I welcome as much help as possible if this is to go anywhere, but be forewarned, anyone involved in putting this together will be exempted from submitting any works. I don't want any bad feelings floating around and I hope this doesn't keep anyone from wanting to help. If this goes the route of all entries being used then ofcourse that rule would be lifted but if it is a selection process I would not want any accusations of favoritism.

One rule that I feel needs to be included is that all entries should be from APUG subscribers only. I think that is only fair. It is not expensive to subscribe and I would like to see this site grow even more. Sean has done a fabulous job and I would like him to continue doing so.