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Has anybody used the above mentioned intended for use with the new 6x17
Shen Hao panoramic cameras? Impressions?
Any comment would be appreciated.
I have bought a Da Yi 6x17 camera from china. I have had it now for about 3 months and ran about 8 rolls through it. love the simple parts to the camera. focusing is manual if you think your are 10 feet you put it on 10 feet. I shoot with a 90mm calumet lens which is a Rodenstock lens.
I have carried it around town like a 35mm and shot with it No problem just make sure where your focus ring is set for. I soot tri-x @ 1600asa and develop it in Acufine. very very low grain and when I scan it and blow it way up it holds together. Removing and placing film is the same problem I had with my Pentax 67. it is very hard to put in and take out. I use a small pliers to grab the film and remove it from the back and I use it to alien the film in to the pins. So that is my story. yes I'm glade I bought it and like any new format it will take time to get use to. It was purchased to replace my 8x20 Deardorff that is too heavy anymore with my bad rotator cup.