hey guys,

In my quest to pare down spending, and still keep shooting regularly, I'm attempting to take up Samy's(Santa Barbara store) offer of $5/roll on E-6 processing. Bear in mind, this is for 120 AND 220(same $5/roll price). So, after just receiving a 220 back for my Hasselblad, I'm looking to get some chrome to fill 'er up .

So, B+H says its "discontinued", but after finding it at some other dealers who I've never heard of before, I'm somewhat suspect on whether it has been relegated to "special order" status? I hope not, even with the lowered rate of consumption of E-6 films these days, I've moved to completely shooting with E-6 for my serious work. C-41 is for when someone(or me) wants optical color prints(I'm still working on getting going with Ilfochrome).

So, would anyone be willing to share their sources if they have one/some for 220 Provia and Velvia 50?