My response came about because Joel Farris first wrote to me and said that Sean had recommended that he contact me. Sean thought we could be helpful in an APUG book endeavor. Besides being photographers, Paula Chamlee and I are photography book publishers. Go to to see the books we have published.

I quickly read the thread to date. I could respond to everything (most postings individually, but it would take several hours. The best way to go for a quality product would be an offset book. Paula and I only publish high-quality books. We have located a printer in China who makes high quality reproductions at a reasonable cost. We have had three books printed there. If I am involved in any way with this endeavor and are given some authority, and I am willing to be involved, I can guarantee a book that everyone will be extremely proud of. No apologies will be necessary by any of the photographers.

In its early days, I used to participate in APUG frequently. But of late I only get here occasionally even though we (Lodima) are now advertiser/sponsors on APUG. So for many folks who have been APUGers for only the last five or six years and who are unfamiliar with our work, in addition to going to our Lodima Press web site, you might want to take a look at To see our photographs, look under "Photographs" and also under "Books" where we have many reproductions that are considerably more varied in subject matter than those listed under "Photographs." Alas, our recent work in color is not on our site, Those who think we might only be interested in black and white photographs are under a misconception.

I am happy to answer any specific questions that anyone may have about my views on an APUG book. Best to email me to be sure to get a prompt response.

Michael A. Smith