In creating a book worthy of the quality of images being showcased, consider the amount of work required getting copy ready for the printer. Considerations I can think of include:

- collating original artwork, from contributors around the world.
- scanning and digitally preparing files for output.
- typesetting and layout.
- proofing, proofing and more proofing.

Just with the scanning alone, this would be a considerable undertaking of both time and money. Trannies and negs would need to be drum scanned and high-end flatbed scans made of reflective art (prints).
Developing and refining the style of the book is, in itself a large job. Then there is the actual laying out of the book. This would involve many hours of Mac time to get to the finished article.

I do think this is a worthy project, but I'm wondering whether it is something that is too big to be done well, without considerable outlay, (both financial and in effort) ahead of publishing.