I have a Jobo Mistral and frankly it is not too well made a product in my opinion.

The plastic tent is, in the case of mine, deformed and bended toward the inside, easily touching the film when it swings under the action of the fan. I am now trying to give it a proper firm by leaving a broom handle inside, pushing the plastic outside.

The fan speed is quite strong and films swings inside the tent, it can be OK if you dry only one film at a time, if you dry at least two of them they are going to clash against each other continuously. A normal weighted clip is not enough to keep the films steady. I use some long scissors which I insert horizontally in the inverted hook of the lower clip of one film, the scissors had weight and also prevent movements by their own width. The other film is blocked by raising the lower metallic frame or something like that. If the lower metallic frame had "checkers" like the upper one, it could be used as a weight and it would be perfect, but there only is the frame.

That said, if you have room and if you have some manual ability, I would suggest DIY. People normally uses conventional tungsten bulbs as a source of heat, but those are going to disappear soon, so you either make a 30 years supply, or use something else. Possibly oven lamps are going to remain tungsten type.

If you search on the internet you'll find a lot of DIY drying boards. Some of them use ready-made cylinders of transparent plastic.

The two mistakes to avoid are: too much air inside; too much heat inside.