Both sides of the border have some very nice shooting locations within a short distance. If you go, especially to Seaworld while here, be careful as it is a favorite locale for having cars broken into as they then skip across the border. When I was there in one afternoon some 2 dozen cars were hit including mine and the police had us pick a number and wait out turn. Happily for me at least they grabbed a brifcase that contained nothing but a presentation I had made the day before there to a group of accountants and and a couple of lenses I had left in the car. They did leave the Yashica FX-3 with the home made leather covering. Probably too conspicious and easy to identify. Fotunately I had most of the system with me. I was insulted when they broke into my suitcase and took my suit but left thewing toed shoes. The shoes were worth more than the suit; my wife though supported their assessment that no sane person would want a pair of wing tipped shoes. Go figger.