Right - You do want the emulsion side down, and well protected. The various drain cleaners with sodium hypochlorite work very well and are easier to use, I found.

The quality of the result can be good. Here is a large-ish file. The "grain" texture is pleasing, and good sharpness. Look around the girl's eyes.


[QUOTE=Marco B;1002568]You may be glad nothing happened, probably due to the fact you had the emulsion side down while applying the bleach, as per the instruction of the link you posted. If you had used a ferricyanide bleach on your images, your FP100B BW negatives would have gone almost transparent, as ferricyanide turns the silver of BW negative into an almost colourless silverferri/ferrocyanide complex. Ferricyanide bleach is a first step for a two bath sepia toning kit.