September 2012 is a realistic deadline to have a finished printed book. That would mean the book needs to be finished design ready to go near the end of the year or by April at the latest. The photography part is the easiest. Editing each person's text will take the longest amount of time.

Yes, before any work gets done we'll see if the APUG members are willing to step up to the plate.

How to do the very simple survey? A separate thread? All we need are two questions as mentioned in my "open letter."

In my opinion, considering all of the money that APUG photographers spend on cameras, lenses, film, and paper, surely the expense of a book is not that great, relatively speaking. Although I am more than well aware it will be a stretch for some. When I was in my forties on my first trip to Europe there was a postcard with a great photograph that I wanted to buy. It cost a nickel. I spent about a half-hour (!) trying to decide if I could afford it. I decided I could not afford it. So I well know about expenses being a stretch.

Michael A. Smith