Thanks for the feedback on the pictures. I just want to get my head around understanding the exposure issue better. I have only recently taken up photography and started with digital and now am tyring film. Based on DWThomas and 2F/2F responses it makes sense that one is trying to balance the amount of visible light and IR light onto the film. Am I correct then in understanding that by adjusting the film speed from the box rating of 400 to 25 that I am reducing the visible light sensitivity of the exposure by 4 stops and that by adding the Hoya R72 filter I am again reducing the visible light sensitivity by another 5 stops which would appear to be about 9 stops of less visible light sensitivity. I tried adjusting from ISO 400 to ISO 25 and then compensating by increasing the exposure time and also using ISO 25 and compensating less. My testing involved metering without the filter and noting exposure and taking a shot. I then used this exposure as my basis for making adjustments when I added the R72 filter. Based on my understanding then it would appear that this film likes to be very under exposed for visible light. Is this correct or am I confused? Pictures are posted: Thanks for help in better understanding this exposure issue. Next is composition.